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We are a Swedish independent music label and music production and promotion company based in central Uppsala, situated just north of Stockholm. We started out as a label in late 2007 and since then we have actively scheduled approximately 3-10 recording projects per year. Today, we have evolved to a point where we, in addition to the regular label services, can offer production, promotion and booking. Through our collaborations, we are connected to a vast network of music industry specialists and we have 3-5 people working in-house with each project.


Our work may include all parts of the music production process, everything from composing, arranging, writing lyrics, recording, mixing and mastering, to creating marketing material such as promo photos and videos, posters, merch, websites, music and live concert videos, as well as guidance and aid on how to establish social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc) and plan a release for an album, single or EP. We have a wide international network of press and radio promoters in various musical genres. The artist or band decides how many, or few, of our services they want to exploit.

We also offer select artists and bands management, booking and promotion packages so as to create opportunities for touring and getting live shows via our own or external promoters and booking agents.

We believe in the cross-pollination of different music styles, and how it can enrich our experience as listeners as well as performers, therefore our ambition is to represent, produce, promote and release music within any genre, as long as it is performed by a band or an artist with a strong artistic profile. So far, our catalogue comprises genres as diverse as jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk, pop, R&B, folk and latin.

Until today, we have released more than 70 productions and around 50 artists and more than 200 musicians are featured in total on the Do Music Records catalogue.

Our artists can choose to release their music on CD, vinyl and digitally, or any combination of those formats, to have themselves distributed physically and digitally worldwide through a number of aggregators for availability on all the major digital and physical outlets.


As a production company, we also do license our productions to other labels when requested. Select titles of Do Music Records are licensed exclusively to our partner labels Spice Of Life and P-Vine Records in Japan.

Physical distribution:
Border Music Scandinavia (Europe)
Alliance Entertainment (USA)

Digital distribution:
Orchard (Sony) (worldwide)

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