I Grevinnans Trädgård


On her second album, Swedish singer and composer Moa Killander performs her very personal, acoustic music poetry, sometimes on her own, and sometimes with the aid of her guest musicians. I Grevinnans Trädgård (In The Garden Of The Countess) showcases Killander's strong, narrative and emotional lyrics, but also features two tracks where her music is put to words by the famous Swedish poet Erik Axel Karlfeldt. 

Moa Killander, vocals/guitar/piano

Guest musicians: 
Mia Jones, fiddle/vocals
Daniel Lantz, piano/vocals
Emeli Jeremias, cello
Erik Ojala, bass
Daniel Olsson, drums 
Ola Johansson, accordeon

Recorded and mastered by Daniel Grönberg and Jim Wahrenstedt. Mixed by Moa Killander, Daniel Grönberg and Jim Wahrenstedt. Produced by Moa Killander and Daniel Lantz. 

Official release date: March 10 2009

1. Grevinnan Och Greven
2. Lägg Orden I Min Mun
3. Blommornas Kärlek
4. Läromästaren
5. Melbourne
6. Det Regnar Idag
7. Hjärtats Dårskap
8. Grevinnans Trädgård
9. Klädd I Kärleksskrud
10. Sommaren
11. Humlor

Total time: 38 mins approx.