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The Plunge


The debut-CD of Swedish funk sextet Beat Funktion, The Plunge, features a selection of their most upbeat, catchy and mesmerizing funk and disco grooves. The band pays homage to the 70s vintage sound by its unique combination of energizing jazz solos, riveting bass grooves and carefully crafted arrangements. This is pure powerhouse music that is equally suited for the dance floor as for the listening lounge. 

Karl Olandersson, trumpet
Olle Thunström, tenor sax
Johan Öijen, electric guitar
Daniel Lantz, keyboards
Pal Johnson, electric bass
Jon Eriksson, drums

Guest musicians:
Per V Johansson, electric bass
Peter Plynning, conga
Erik Myrsten, vocals
Ernst-Heinrich Schiebe, vocals 
Pernilla Fors, vocals
Susanne Ottebring, vocals
Anna Moberg, vocals
Martin Gumucio, vocals 
Lina Söderholtz, violin
Malin Thurén, violin
Katarina Bengtson, viola
Emeli Jeremias, cello 

Recorded by Anders Westin, Oscar Alvarez and Martin Gumucio. Mixed by Martin Gumucio and Daniel Lantz. Mastered by Per Ryberg. Produced by Daniel Lantz. 

Official release date: September 9 2010.

1. Sweet Donut
2. Why Bother
3. Nebula Space Patrol
4. Summertime
5. Hogwash
6. Arantxa & Esti
7. Flight Of The Black Dragon
8. The Plunge

Total time: 65 mins approx.


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