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Paris Eyes


More of a 'trinity' than a conventional 'trio', the inspiring musical powers of these three jazz masterminds come together on an almost spiritual level as they explore the infinite riches of jazz and the American Songbook. The unusual setting of trumpet-organ-drums gives the music a fresh and vital twist, making this a special album. 


Karl Olandersson, trumpet

Andreas Hellkvist, Hammond Organ

Ali Djeridi, drums 


Recorded by Göran Stegborn. Mixed by Göran Stegborn and Trinity. Mastered by Per Ryberg. Produced by Trinity and Daniel Lantz. 


Official release date: March 18 2010.



1. Puttin' On The Ritz

2. Paris Eyes

3. Reboppin'

4. Just Friends

5. Old Folks

6. Driftin'

7. Luny Tune

8. Strange Mood

9. The Preacher

10. Underbart Är Kort


Total time: 52 mins approx.


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