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With Deise Andrade


Outstanding jazz flautist Staffan Hallgren heads the quintet Pan Brazil, which devotes itself heartily to the exotic musical gems of Brazil. By mixing jazz, bossa nova, samba and light funk, they have found their own captivating musical recipe. Here they introduce Brazilian vocalist Deise Andrade whose swinging Portuguese makes this album a most rewarding experience. 


Deise Andrade, vocals

Staffan Hallgren, flute

Ola Bengtsson, guitar

Bosse Hallgren, keyboards

Hans Hallgren, bass

Peter Bylin, drums and percussion 


Recorded and mixed by Juhani Hemilä. Mastered by Per Ryberg. Produced by Daniel Lantz. 


Official release date: September 5 2010.



1. Samba For Carmen

2. Madalena

3. Party In Olinda

4. Vatapa

5. Pilar

6. Passagem

7. Foot On The Road

8. Paris

9. Pramanga

10. Tanga


Total Time: 50 mins approx.



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