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Get Out


On their second album, the remarkable trumpet-organ-drums trio Trinity not only spoils us with a handful of carefully selected standards from the American Songbook, but also with no less than four original compositions, all of which introduce new dimensions of their telepathic musical interplay. The improvisations of Olandersson, Hellkvist and Djeridi are nothing but outstanding, and the album is warmly recommended to all lovers of high quality swinging jazz. 

Karl Olandersson, trumpet 
Andreas Hellkvist, Hammond B3 organ 
Ali Djeridi, drums 

Recorded and mixed by Göran Stegborn. Mastered by Per Ryberg. Produced by Trinity and Daniel Lantz. 

Official release date: November 18 2011.

1. Sweet Georgia Brown 
2. One For Anders 
3. Cherry 
4. Get Out! 
5. What A Wonderful World 
6. Swing For Elina 
7. My Shining Hour 
8. Loj 
9. The Eternal Triangle 
10. The Shadow Of Your Smile 
11. Novelty Accordion 
12. I'll Close My Eyes 

Total time: 60 mins approx.




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