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Moon Town


Vintage jazz-funk outfit Beat Funktion takes you back to the roaring 70s with Moon Town, their second presentation of floorfilling funk grooves, meaty bass riffs and fiery jazz solos: the concept album Moon Town, telling the dark tale of a fictitious sci-fi city oozing with criminality, suspenseful action, drizzling rain and surreal inhabitants. Original compositions are merged with fresh takes on select funk covers, and the band is joined by percolating percussion, vocal choruses and orchestral strings for their trademark powerhouse sound. 

Karl Olandersson, trumpet
Olle Thunström, tenor sax
Johan Öijen, electric guitar
Daniel Lantz, keyboards
Pal Johnson, electric bass
Jon Eriksson, drums

Guest musicians:
Ola Bothzén, percussion 
Peter Plynning, percussion 
Viktoria Colonna, vocals 
Susanne Ottebring, vocals
Anna Moberg, vocals 
Lina Söderholtz, violin
Malin Thurén, violin
Katarina Bengtson, viola
Emeli Jeremias, cello 

Recorded by Anders Westin, Oscar Alvarez and Daniel Lantz. Mixed and produced by Daniel Lantz. Mastered by Jonas Reingold. 

Official release date: January 24 2013 (Europe), May 20 2013 (US). 

1. Kareem 
2. Women In Neon 
3. 125th Street And 7th Avenue 
4. City Lights 
5. Mastermind 
6. The Great Escape 
7. Moon Town 
8. Impressions 
9. Driver's Seat 

Total time: 60 mins approx.




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