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For their third album, the funk masters of Beat Funktion draw inspiration from the musical depths of 70s Africa to conjure up eight new irresistible voodoo grooves. Helped by top Swedish jazz flautist Staffan Hallgren and Latin percussionist Simon Monserrat, they serve up a beat-ridden, gritty, analogue soundscape for the sweat-inducing dance floor, capped with their trademark top quality jazz solos. Voodooland was released exclusively on the Japanese funk label P-Vine in April 2013 but was released in Europe in October 2013 and in the US in May 2014. 

Karl Olandersson, trumpet
Olle Thunström, tenor sax
Johan Öijen, electric guitar
Daniel Lantz, keyboards
Pal Johnson, electric bass
Jon Eriksson, drums

Guest musicians: 
Staffan Hallgren, flute 
Simon Monserrat, percussion
Folke Lantz, percussion 

Recorded by Göran Stegborn. Mixed and produced by Daniel Lantz. Vinyl mastered by Christofer Stannow. Digital mastered by Jonas Reingold. 

Official release dates: April 3 2013 (Japan), October 11 2013 (Europe), May 20 2014 (US). 

1. Nights Out With Billy
2. Sunkissed 
3. Savannah Strut 
4. Bongo Universe
5. The Rain Dancer 
6. Kilimanjaro 
7. Voodooland 
8. Mangroove 

Total time: 65 mins approx.




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