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As the saying goes: the third time is the charm! After intensive touring and two successful albums, Swedish jazz super-group Trinity embark on their third studio adventure, offering yet another delightful smorgasbord of tightly arranged jazz standards, jazzed-up pop hits and freshly baked originals. As on their previous albums, anything they touch musically is elevated to a higher artistic level, and Three showcases more than ever this envied quality, including their amazing musical rapport which has gained them their well-deserved fame and in Scandinavia.

Karl Olandersson, trumpet 
Andreas Hellkvist, Hammond B3 organ 
Ali Djeridi, drums 

Recorded and mixed by Janne Jutila. Mastered by Per Ryberg. Produced by Trinity and Daniel Lantz. 

Official release date: March 5 2014.

1. There's A Boat Dats Leavin' Soon For New York 
2. Things We Did Last Summer 
3. Memories Of Lost Love 
4. Alfie 
5. Tea For Two 
6. Lazy River 
7. Johanna 
8. Misty 
9. Here, There And Everywhere 
10. Med Ögon Känsliga För Grönt 

Total time: 60 mins approx.




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