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Remarkable South African vocalist Sani Gamedze tells us a very personal story about her life in South Africa and Sweden by way of songs strongly connected to her past, using the colours of the rainbow as a spiritual and musical guidance. Colourmeover presents her most personal approach to these songs - carefully selected gems of jazz, soul and pop - coupled with her sparkling vocals and poetic narration - brings rare depth to the listener's musical journey. Colourfully arranged by Daniel Lantz and others, plus a guest performance by legendary jazzfunk pianist and arranger Bob James, this album is based on her Colourmeover stage performance where all the colours, music and lyrics come into play.

Sani Gamedze, vocals

Bobbo Andersson, guitar

Daniel Lantz, wurlitzer and piano

Per V Johansson, electric and double bass

Karl Jansson, drums


and special guest: Bob James, electric piano

Recorded by Göran Stegborn. Mixed by Daniel Lantz. Mastered by Per Ryberg. Produced by Daniel Lantz. 

Official release date: September 22 2014.

1. Purple Rain 
2. Mood Indigo 
3. Business Goes On As Usual 
4. Fire And Rain 
5. The Day It Rained 
6. Girl Blue
7. Being Green
8. Easy Like Sunday Morning
9. Reverend Lee
10. On A Clear Day

11. Look To The Rainbow

12. Medley: Music Is A Rainbow / There's Music In The Air

Total time: 60 mins approx.




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