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Do Music Records is proud to present the debut-album of a truly unique Swedish trio. Classically trained harpist Stina Hellberg Agback, the first harpist in Scandinavia to have acquired a degree in jazz harp playing, teams up with melodic electric guitarist Simon Svärd and the versatile drummer Karl Jansson to form the jazzy fusion-trio called Trilobit. Filled with just original music, their album Brutus paints an exciting and rich soundscape, where improvisation and composition seamlessly become one. Issued on vinyl as well as CD.

Stina Hellberg Agback, concert harp

Simon Svärd, electric guitar

Karl Jansson, drums 

Recorded by Patrik Jarlestam. Mixed by Bjørn Bunes. Mastered by Justin Weis. Produced by Stina Hellberg Agback, Simon Svärd and Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: August 27 2014.

1. The Citadel
2. Vår Egen Chick Corea Låt (Our Chick Corea Song)

3. Stora Skuggan

4. Vidrigt Väder (Nasty Weather) 

Total Time: 35 mins approx.

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