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Piano Magic Volume One


Now, 24 years since his last solo piano release, the outstanding Swedish jazz pianist Ulf Johansson Werre finally unleashes his pianistic fireworks once again on a recorded format. Also an acclaimed trombonist, vocalist and composer, Werre is regarded as one of Europe's most prominent improvisers within his genre, and on this first volume of Piano Magic he takes on no less than 15 tracks, covering a wide range of music such as the American Songbook, ballads, boogie, classical music, gospel and original compositions. The sound of his refurbished Yamaha grand piano, once owned by the legendary Charlie Norman, is captured with brilliant fidelity, making Werre's musical artistry all the more enticing and detailed.

Ulf Johansson Werre, grand piano

Recorded and mixed by Daniel Lantz. Mastered by Per Ryberg. Produced by Daniel Lantz

Official release date: June 16 2014.


1. Power Of Music

2. Where Or When

3. Drop Me Off In Harlem

4. Laura

5. Magic Boogie

6. Bounce For Bengt

7. Hymn To Freedom

8. For O.P. Fans

9. Corcovado

10. Blue Martin

11. Giant Steps

12. Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude

13. Can't We Be Friends?

14. Alone Together

15. Tea For Two

Total time: 70 mins approx.




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