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Mandy's Secret


Who is Mandy? What is her secret? Swedish funk band Beat Funktion deliver yet another high-octane jazz-funk package to shed some light on the story of this mysterious lady. Ten fresh compositions penned by Daniel Lantz combined with high production values in the hands of Mando Diao-pianist Mats Björke, make this riveting album one of the band's best so far, guaranteed to please all groove aficionados, funky dancers and discerning jazz cats.


Karl Olandersson, trumpet

Olle Thunström, tenor sax

Johan Öijen, electric guitar

Daniel Lantz, keyboards

Pal Johnson, electric bass

Jon Eriksson, drums


Guest performers:

Ola Bothzén, percussion

Mats Björke, synthesizers / effects

Lucie Gattepaille, narration

Folke Lantz, percussion

Recorded by Mats Björke. Mixed by Daniel Lantz. Mastered by Christoffer Stannow. Produced by Mats Björke & Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: September 29 2014 (Europe).


1. I Am The Summer

2. Port Arthur

3. Snap To It

4. Budo

5. Are We Done?

6. On The Tiles

7. Thunderlips

8. Mandy's Secret

9. Kandahari Airport

10. Rundfunk

Total time: 60 mins approx.




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