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The Stockholm Sessions
feat. Sven Zetterberg


Bluesy vocalist and guitar man J. Åsling from the steamy south of Sweden unleashes a groove-infested collection of rootsy blues originals with his brand new knock-out band. All cuts were recorded in two days in Stockholm with very little rehearsal and post-production, resulting in the spontaneous feel of these hard-swinging Stockholm Sessions, a crazy mix of blues, swamp and soul. Spectacular!

J. Åsling, guitars & vocals
Sven Eric Lundeqvist, piano & organ
Micke Elofsson, electric bass
P A Tollbom, drums

Guest performers:
Sven Zetterberg, guitar & harmonica
Agnes Berg, violin & vocals
Niklas Bursell, vocals

Recorded in the summer of 2014, mixed and mastered by Per Angkvist. Produced by Jörgen Åsling, Per Angkvist and Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: April 18 2015.


1. Jesus In The Cockpit
2. Will There Be Peace Tomorrow
3. Blues For Tarantino
4. Paps Is A Good Friend
5. Swedish Stomp
6. Mama Used To Say (A Love Song)
7. Down At The Wicked Pick
8. Done Lost All My Good Things
9. Please Tell Me

10. Love For Just One Day

11. She Whispered Sweetly
12. After Bedtime
13. Will There Be Peace Tomorrow (Radio Mix)


Total time: 60 mins approx.


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