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Det Var En Gång


Equally well-versed in jazz as in folk music, legendary saxophonist Roland Keijser's prolific professional career spans five decades and his versatility and extensive command of various reed instruments has earned him an unimpeachable stature in the Swedish jazz community. Late pianist Gösta Rundqvist (died in 2010) is no less of a legend, and was in his lifetime regarded as one of Sweden's finest and most original jazz artists, joining forces with the likes of Toots Thielemans, Monica Zetterlund and Putte Wickman. Do Music Records is proud to present possibly the final existing recordings with the duo made up of Keijser and Rundqvist, as they engage in intimate two-part conversations as well as energetic quartet constellations. This packed double-CD, Det Var En Gång (Once Upon A Time), presents music compiled from archive recordings from various points in their career, professional as well as live bootleg recordings, capturing these masters in absolute top form.


Roland Keijser, saxophone, bansuri
Gösta Rundqvist, piano

Niklas Wennström, double bass (CD 1 #7-10, CD 2 #1-2)
Christian Spering, double bass (CD 2 #3-4)

Sture Åkerberg, double bass (CD 2 #5-7)
Johan Käck, drums (CD 1 #7-10, CD 2 #1-2)
Leroy Lowe, drums (CD 2 #3-4)
Fredrik Rundqvist, drums (CD 2 #5-7)

Tracks #1-6 CD 1 & #8 CD 2 recorded and mixed by Mattias Windemo in 2005. Tracks #7-10 CD 1 & #1-2 CD 2 recorded by P-A Westin in 2007 and mixed by Oskar Forsberg. Tracks #3-4 CD 2 recorded by Bo Albinsson in 1994. Tracks #5-7 CD 2 recorded by Pawel Lucki in 1994. All tracks mastered by Tobias Carlsson. Executive production by Daniel Lantz. Produced by Roland Keijser.

Official release date: November 18 2016.

Tracks CD 1:

1. Very Early
2. Turn Out The Stars
3. Chelsea Bridge
4. Låt Stå
5. Prayer Of Faith

6. Flageolettismo
7. Pardon Prayer
8. Bass Blues
9. You Know I Care
10. Bosses Björk

Tracks CD 2:
1. One Heart
2. Dear Lord
3. Saxophone Valley
4. Wait Till You See Her
5. All Of You
6. Autumn In New York
7. I Concentrate On You
8. Det Var En Gång


Total time: 150 mins approx.


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