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Introducing Joel Svensson


Young Swedish jazz guitarist Joel Svensson has for the last few years made lasting impressions on co-musicians as well as audiences by his forceful musical presence. With Introducing he debuts with a selection of hard-swinging original works as well as jazz standards that showcase his unique sound, skill and imagination. Svensson has carefully hand-picked his team players for a powerhouse sound: Danish jazz piano virtuoso Carl Winther, rooted in the energetic expressiveness of Chick Corea and McCoy Tyner; Finnish bass player Johnny Åman, powerful, sturdy and driving, and finally Bengt Stark, well-featured drummer on the Swedish jazz scene. Svensson's thorough musical schooling at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm had him research pentatonic and fourth-interval harmonics, as well as jazz composition, which is in full evidence on these outstanding recordings. Ten outstanding tracks that burst with adventure, energy and inventiveness, all showing that Joel Svensson is bound to have a long career ahead of him.


Joel Svensson, guitar
Carl Winther, piano
Johnny Åman, double bass
Bengt Stark, drums


Recorded by Janne Hansson at Atlantis in May 2015. Mixed by Janne Hansson in July-August 2015. Mastered by Claes Persson in September 2015. Executive production by Daniel Lantz. Produced by Joel Svensson.

Official release date: October 15 2015.


1. The Captain Of The Open Seas
2. Darth
3. Devices
4. I Don't Understand Myself
5. The Falcon
6. My One And Only Love
7. The Boss Of Malmö
8. The End Of A Love Affair
9. Trident Suite
10. Idle Moments


Total time: 65 mins. approx.


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