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Singer, guitarist and songwriter Rafa Oliveira first relocated from hot Brazil to chilly Sweden out of love, and today, after just six years in the country, he has already made a lasting imprint in the Swedish music community with his visionary musicianship, proving himself as an imaginative writer of original and delectable music where jazz meets afro-Brazilian rhythms and pop. His debut album Coletividade, masterfully produced by himself and fellow musician Juan Mendoza, showcases a selection of his most captivating, most fun, most danceable and most emotional songs, backed up by a first-rate crew of the best Brazilian musicians Sweden has to offer. Fans of jazz and Brazilian music should not miss this superb production from a highly talented performer who truly deserves more attention. It is obvious that after just a few listens, Rafa Oliveria's songs will haunt anyone with an ear for really good music. 


Rafa Oliveira, vocals/acoustic guitar

Juan Mendoza, bass

Homero Alvarez, acoustic/electric guitar

Ola Bothzén, drums/percussion



Denise Fontoura, vocals (#3, #5, #6)

Lena Swanberg, vocals (#7, #5)

Guto Lucena, flute, clarinet, sax

Paulo Murga, percussion (#1, #2)

Tiago Loei, percussion

Felipe Robles, hand clap (#6)


Recorded June 2015 by Homero Alvarez at Alva Discs Studio, Stockholm. Music direction by Juan Mendoza. Mixed by Juan Mendoza. Mastered by Tobias Carlsson. Produced by Rafa Oliveira and Juan Mendoza. Executive production by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: May 6 2016.



1. Pulando O Riso Do Coco

2. Jangada Pra Sardenha

3. O Doce Amargo Da Esperanza

4. Zero Zero Confirma

5. Lutamba

6. O Meu Lugar

7. Ela É O Meu Xodó

8. Pe De Mangueira

9. Baiao De Dois

10. Sedento


Total time: 55 mins. approx.


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