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Rain King


As a debut on Do Music Records, Swedish pianist, composer, singer, producer and arranger Roman Andrén releases his 8th full length concept album Rain King, an impressive suite of masterfully conceived and performed funk-soul-latin creations in the vein of danceable 70s performers such as Marcos Valle, Eumir Deodato and others. Andrén's captivating music brims with inspiration and, by way of exotic percussion and African sounds, perfectly evokes the mystique and oppressive jungle heat befitting the realm of the Rain King. To make things shine, Andrén utilizes the telepathic interplay of funkified afro-beat ensemble Kakaraka Band as a foundation, and also invites British soul-funk legend Gee Bello as a featured guest on one number. With Roman Andrén's latest release, prepare yourselves for the funkiest musical ride ever, unique in musical character, sound, execution and energy.


Roman Andrén: Fender Rhodes, Suzuki electric organ, keyboards, vocals

Featured guest:

Gee Bello, vocals (Track 11)


Positive Oluwo: Vocals

Sara Marie Costa: Vocals

Maciej Szymczynski: Bass

Emil Sjunnesson: Drums

Sal Dibba: Percussion

Magnus Lindeberg: Guitar (Track 01, 02, 04, 06, 07, 09, 11, 12)

Preben Carlsen: Guitar (Track 03, 05, 08, 10)


Horn Section:

Nils Lidman: Tenor saxophone, Fula flute

Mats “Silver” Nordenborg: Flute

Ken KP Walker: Baritone saxophone

Mark Thomson: Trombone

Gustaf Sörnmo: Trumpet

Gösta Andrén: Trumpet

All music written, produced, mixed and arranged by Roman Andrén, except "And The Wind Blows" written by Roman Andrén and Gee Bello, produced, mixed and arranged by Roman Andrén. Lyrics by Roman Andrén, translated by Positive Oluwe (Yoruba). Mixed at Last Night Studios, Malmö. Mastered by Martin Bolin. Executive production by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: June 24 2016.



1. The Child That I Am (Omo Kekere Ti Moje)

2. It's A Beautiful Day

3. My Heart Belongs To You (Tie Nin Se)

4. And You Never Said Goodbye

5. Rain King (Oba Ojo)

6. Where You Go, I Go (Osope Kin Duro Moduro)

7. You Said You're Sorry

8. Morning Dew

9. Say It, Then I Listen (So Kingbo)

10. Joy, Look For Me (Idu Nu Wa Mi Wa)

11. And The Wind Blows (feat. Gee Bello)

12. A Brand New Start

13. The Child That I Am (outro)


Total time: 50 mins. approx.


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