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Into The Wild


From a musical outpost in the Scandinavian back country, Swedish-Norwegian jazz act Into The Wild brings to the audience a bright, refreshing, passionate and savage take on the boreal music idiom. Consisting of pianist Staffan Bråsjö, guitarist Åsmund Solberg, bassist Tove Brandt and drummer Anton Jonsson, whose paths crossed in Gothenburg in 2012, this new group unites elements of both vintage and modern jazz with a wide range of folk music, meandering between experimental ambient soundscapes and film music. The group's original compositions form the musical point of departure, created by four unique artistic powers who contrast as well as consolidate one another at the same time. Their music reflects our time's restless living and a pensive longing for freedom beyond the city clamour.


Åsmund Solberg, guitar
Staffan Bråsjö, piano
Tove Brandt, double bass

Anton Jonsson, drums


Music written, arranged, performed and produced by Into The Wild. Recorded October 4th 2015 at Högskoland För Scen & Musik in Gothenburg, and mixed and mastered by Johan Hjalmarsson. Executive production by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: May 6 2016.



1. Facing The Wild

2. One Step At A Time

3. Flammable Caffeine

4. Four Season Winter

5. No. 2

6. The Worshiper Of The DVD-Ring

7. X2000

8. Fleet

9. One Way Ticket To Yakutsk


Total time: 50 mins. approx.


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