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Come Closer


Fronted by young but exceptionally talented jazz singer Lovisa Jennervall, her exciting quartet, consisting of pianist Hampus Andersson, bassist Alfred Ringstad and drummer Julia Schabbauer, presents a unique, jazzy and imaginative sound on their debut Come Closer. Jennervall's vital approach to her music, be it her flawless timing, her direct expression or instantly fetching melodic improvisation, lends a pleasant consistency to how she has drilled her band as well as arranged her performance. Jennervall's rendition of Swedish troubadour Olle Adolphson's hopeful Nu Är Det Gott Att Leva is particularly touching. Don't miss this first powerful statement of a young Swedish jazz singer certain to impact jazz listeners for a very long time.


Lovisa Jennervall, vocals

Hampus Andersson, piano/vocals

Alfred Ringstad, double bass/vocals

Julia Schabbauer, drums/vocals


Axel Mårdsjö, alto saxophone (#4)


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Johannes Mattsson at Nellicke Studios, Gothenburg in 2016. Produced by Lovisa Jennervall and executively by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: September 12 2017.



1. Ode To Olof

2. Intakt

3. Off You Go

4. Come Closer

5. Nu Är Det Gott Att Leva

6. Inte Mycket Väsen


Total time: 45 mins. approx.


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