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By Design


Swedish pop artist Linda Berving's sophomore release By Design boasts 10 scintillating, fresh tracks penned by the singer herself. While Berving's previous release Palladium focused strongly on early jazz, By Design firmly sets the course towards a pronounced pop sound, mixing earthy soul elements with upbeat dancefloor beats, brooding balladry and ambient electronica. In addition to her soaring vocals, Berving's multi-faceted skills both as a songwriter, pianist and violinist, paired with her thorough opera schooling, are tools impressively on display throughout the album. Berving's co-writer and guitarist Johan Hägglund heads a tightly-knit rhythm section to back her up, a group that also supports some sublime horn playing from jazz musician Björn Atle Anfinsen. By Design is a captivating pop package of songs that convey the raw emotions and musical depth so perfectly attuned to Linda Berving's artistry.

Linda Berving, vocals/keyboard/violin

Johan Hägglund, guitar

Izac Waldenby, bass/acoustic bass

Andreas Skogge Skoglund, drums

Tobias Livheim, piano

Björn Atle Anfinsen, flugelhorn/trumpet

Mats Brant, percussion


Recorded by William Blackmon at Studio Overlook and Studio Ljudvallen by Mats Brant. Mixed at Studio Ljudvallen by Mats Brant. Mastered by Daniel Lantz. Produced by Linda Berving and Mats Brant. Executive production by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: October 13 2017.



1. Home

2. By Design

3. St Nicholas

4. The Light

5. Dream

6. On My Way

7. Stilla

8. Let Me In

9. Mitt Hjärtas Hårda Skal

10. Things I Cannot Mend


Total time: 60 mins. approx.


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