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New Thing


Back in the fall of 2014, pianist Carl Bagge and drummer Per Ekdahl teamed up to form one of the Swedish jazz scene's most exciting big bands, first and foremost to provide a regularly performing top-notch backing group for prominent soloists such as Svante Thuresson, Bo Kasper, Simone Moreno and Sofia Karlsson, to name a few, but additionally in order to craft a high calibre jazz orchestra fully capable of voicing a unique and personal sound of its own. This sparkling debut New Thing no doubt showcases the latter, their personal jazz voice, delivered by personal compositions through personal interpretations, and goes to show the remarkable penmanship among its members. Captured with brilliant fidelity at the legendary Atlantis studios in Stockholm, the sound of Ekdahl Bagge Big Band here more or less sets a new standard for improvised collective jazz performance and sends the immediate message that they are and will be among the most thrilling big bands Sweden has to offer in years to come.


Karl Olandersson, trumpet

Nils Janson, trumpet

Elin Andersson, trumpet

Jonne Bentlöv, trumpet

Emil Strandberg, trumpet

Kristian Persson, trombone

Magnus Wiklund, trombone

Peter Fredriksson, trombone

Karl Frid, trombone

Kristoffer Siggstedt, trombone

Per "Ruskträsk" Johansson, sax/woodwind

Johan Christoffersson, sax/woodwind

Robert Nordmark, sax/woodwind

Linus Lindblom, sax/woodwind

Fredrik Lindborg, sax/woodwind

Carl Bagge, piano

Martin Sjöstedt, double bass

Per Ekdahl, drums

Recorded by Janne Hansson at Atlantis Grammofon in Stockholm in June 2016. Mixed by Per Ekdahl. Mastered by Jonas Kullhammar. Produced by Carl Bagge, Per Ekdahl and Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: May 27 2017.



1. Willkommen

2. Ask Me

3. Let's Hook Up!

4. Waltz For Walt

5. Three Colours

6. Oriental Express

7. New Thing

8. Before You Leave

9. Black Swan


Total time: 60 mins. approx.


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