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Vi Som Blev Kvar


Swedish singer Rickard Arnberg's second full-length album, Vi Som Blev Kvar (We Who Remained) boasts a beautiful collection of jazz-pop music, 10 songs, all newly written original material ranging from jazz, pop, rock to big band and ballads, with thoughtful, ingenious and fun poetical Swedish lyrics about life and its ups and downs. Backed by his band, in essence a cross-over jazz rhythm section, Arnberg delivers his heartfelt music with panache and gusto, and at times also enjoys the luxury of a fully-fledged horn section as well as a lush string ensemble, to pack the songs with the proper attitude and emotion. Recommended to lovers of Swedish vocal jazz!


Rickard Arnberg, vocals

Helena Arnberg, vocals

Anton Glansholm, piano

Robin Englund, guitar

Henrik Helenius, bass

Malkolm Bonander, drums

Malin Thurén, viola & violin

Emeli Jeremias, violoncello

Ulf Johansson Werre, trombone

Roger Nordling, alto- & tenor sax

Erik Tengholm, trumpet

Recorded by John Högman in Uppsala in November of 2016. Mixed and mastered by Daniel Lantz. Executive production by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: March 10 2017.



1. Tystnaden

2. Halvhjärtad Desperation

3. Tiden

4. Dagar Och År

5. Löftet

6. Perspektivet

7. Vägen Ut

8. Varningen

9. Drömmen

10. Vi Som Blev Kvar


Total time: 60 mins. approx.


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