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Young up-and-coming jazz guitarist Leo Krepper, currently a precocious student at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, has shown early signs of a rare gift as a melodic and inventive improviser as well as composer of jazz music. Krepper's debut-album Realities showcases an impressive body of work from the guitarist's pen, supported by a top-notch jazz ensemble of Swedish elite jazzers, spearheaded by the world-renowned trumpetist Gustavo Bergalli. Enhanced by a beatifully mixed recording, the sublime efforts of Krepper's crew as well as his choice to include tracks of spoken passages make this album stand out as a very extraordinary listening experience, as the last track says: Something Special!


Leo Krepper, guitar

Mauritz Agnas, bass

Oscar Johansson Werre, drums

Ludvig Berghe, piano

Gustavo Bergalli, trumpet


Music written, arranged, performed and produced by Leo Krepper. Recorded and mixed at Durango Recording, Sweden, 27-28 July 2016 by Andreas Dahlbäck. Mastered by Tobias Carlsson. Executive production by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: March 10 2017.



1. Eyes

2. Hello Little One

3. Miller's Run

4. The Master

5. Storm (Magnus Krepper)

6. Kiss Me

7. They

8. Extraction

9. Lilla Mamma

10. Mowgli's Groove

11. Doldrums

12. Train Meeting (Gustavo Bergalli)

13. Something Special


Total time: 60 mins. approx.


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