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Swedish keyboardist and accordeonist Hans Loelv celebrates 50 years as a stage performer and does so beautifully with this third album in his own name. With a solid foundation as a performer in jazz fusion and progressive folk and rock ensembles, Loelv is known to meander effortlessly between various music genres with aplomb, and on this particular outing, he above all puts his accordeon in the spotlight, but even dishes out some great acoustic piano, plus a melodica on one track. A prolific composer, Loelv has turned Fuerterico into a tasty smorgasbord boasting a feast of melodically strong latin-flavoured creations, all musically secured in the hands of a motley crew of top-notch instrumentalists, an organic and energetic backdrop to his melodies and improvisations. This album is a refreshing, bright and uplifting musical experience recommended to anyone who enjoys well-crafted music without restraints.


Hans Loelv, accordion/piano/melodica

Anders Johansson, guitar/vocals
Per V Johansson, bass

Ola Bothzén, percussion

Maria Pia Karlsson, pandeiro

Lisa Grotherus, bass clarinet

Lars-Erik Larsson, snare drum

Marco Fernandez, muted trumpet

Davide Garatoni, bass

Andre Bernal, drums

Thomas Figueroa, guitar

Loelvorna, percussion

Recorded by Elof Loelv and Anders Johansson. Mixed and mastered by Alar Suurna. Produced by Hans Loelv and Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: April 6 2018.



1. Fuerterico

2. A Lovely Café

3. Barbros Samba

4. Old Grump

5. Cool Bossa

6. Lost Island

7. For Albert

8. Dancing Jane

9. So That Was All


Total time: 60 mins. approx.


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