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Touching My Soul


At the age of ten, Rebecca Laakso won for Sweden in the Eurovision Youth Song Contest in 2003, and was early introduced to the hectic roller-coaster known as showbiz. Eventually, she had to abandon her intensifying music career and focus on school for ten years. Laakso saw her comeback in the beginning of 2017, as she teamed up with jazz musician and producer Daniel Lantz to shape a collection of songs, written by herself and Lantz, which resulted in a rich and multi-faceted debut album: Touching My Soul. Categorically, Laakso's voice falls in the core realm of pop-R&B-soul, and Lantz' contributions endow her material with a jazzy vintage touch, taking it through funky gospel, sweet balladry, rockish riffs to groovy reggae rhythms and hiphop beats. Two tracks feature enticing guest performances by powerhouse-rapper Henry Bowers and legendary reggae-pop-toaster Papa Dee. As a surprise bonus, Laakso dishes out a Lantz-rearranged, slow-moving cover of the iconic Nik Kershaw's 80s pop hit The Riddle. Laakso's own heartfelt lyrics tell highly personal stories and showcase her versatile soulful voice in front of a lush production, be it electronic backdrops or a hard-swinging live band. Rebecca Laakso's sparkling debut is a bold statement that subtly reaches out across the genre boundaries, and in lyrics, tone and spirit, it truly touches the soul.


Rebecca Laakso, vocals

Henry Bowers, rap (13)

Papa Dee, vocals/rap (5)

Daniel Lantz, keyboards/programming/vocals

Johan Öijen, electric/acoustic guitars

Jakob Dalnert, electric bass

Jon Eriksson, drums

Jonne Bentlöv, trumpet/fluegelhorn (7, 11)

Mats Nordenborg, flute (13, 14)

Emeli Jeremias, violoncello (6)

Ida Maipambe, backing vocals (1, 2, 8, 11, 14)

Lena Cederholm, backing vocals (1, 2, 8, 11, 14)

Elin Bolander, backing vocals (8, 11, 14)

Biim Frischenfeldt, backing vocals (8)

Frida Eklund, backing vocals (1, 2, 8)

All tracks written by Rebecca Laakso and Daniel Lantz, except #5 written by Rebecca Laakso, Daniel Lantz and Daniel Wahlgren; #13 written by Rebecca Laakso, Daniel Lantz and Nils Jansson; #4, #7 and #14 written by Daniel Lantz, and #12 written by Nik Kershaw. All tracks arranged by Daniel Lantz. The Riddle is re-arranged with kind permission from Nik Kershaw himself. Recorded by Jon Eriksson, Mats Björke and Daniel Lantz. Mixed by Daniel Lantz. Mastered by Tobias Carlsson. Produced by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: June 15 2018.



1. Freedom

2. Crazy With Love

3. Hello Baby

4. Rain

5. What Ya Doin' (feat. Papa Dee)

6. Stay

7. Fantastic

8. Why Don't You Miss Me?

9. Interlude

10. Touching My Soul

11. Can't Get Nothing From You

12. The Riddle

13. Trouble Train (feat. Henry Bowers)

14. By The River

15. Just Wanna Live


Total time: 60 mins. approx.


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