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Touching My Soul (single)


At the age of ten, Rebecca Laakso won for Sweden in the Eurovision Youth Song Contest in 2003, and was early introduced to the hectic roller-coaster known as showbiz. Eventually, she had to abandon her intensifying music career and focus on school for ten years. Laakso saw her comeback in the beginning of 2017, as she teamed up with musician and producer Daniel Lantz to shape a collection of songs, written by herself and Lantz, to form her debut album Touching My Soul, whose same-titled flagship single is released on February 9th 2018.

Categorically, the album falls in the realm of pop-R&B-soul with a jazzy vintage touch, showcases Laakso's versatile soulful voice in front of electronic backdrops as well as a live band, and features guest artists Henry Bowers and Papa Dee on two tracks.

Touching My Soul will see its full 15-track album release in September 2018.


Rebecca Laakso, vocals

Daniel Lantz, synthesizer, Rhodes, programming

Jakob Dalnert, electric bass

Johan Öijen, electric guitar

Recorded by Mats Björke at Altasworks Studios in May 2017 and by Daniel Lantz at Do Music Studios in June-October 2017. Mixed and mastered by Daniel Lantz. Produced by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: February 9 2018.




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