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Lau Backar - Gotland On Guitar


A renowned, respected and exciting performer, Swedish Gibson-sponsored guitarist Andreas Pettersson is today more or less a household jazz name who here explores an alternative facet of his creativity for his tenth album, by reverting to his roots: Gotland, a picturesque island outside Sweden's east coast, is Pettersson's birth place and serves as the foundation for his inspiration to an album that indulges in the various unique localities of the island, accentuated in the booklet by Pettersson's inclusion of photographer Roland Hejdström's inspiring Gotland-visuals. Pettersson's super-group consists of pianist Daniel Tilling, bass player Josef Karnebäck and drummer Sebastian Ågren, whose musical togetherness provide the requisite lyricism, energy and sensitivity to elevate Pettersson's awe-inspiring improvisational art. By way of Gotland On Guitar, long-term fans of the great Andreas Pettersson will discover a fresh new aspect to his art. Highly recommended.


Andreas Pettersson, guitar

Daniel Tilling, piano

Josef Karnebäck, bass

Sebastian Ågren, drums

Recorded and mixed by Göran Stegborn at Rixmixningsverket, Stockholm, in 2016. Mastered by Classe Persson. Produced by Andreas Pettersson and Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: September 15 2017.



1. Lau Backar

2. Gotländsk Bröllopssamba

3. You And The Night And The Music

4. Mair Stain

5. Antapology

6. Taking A Chance On Love

7. If You Could See Me Now

8. Bernie

9. Bluesette


Total time: 60 mins. approx.


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