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Stating The Obvious


Soprano and tenor sax jazzer Björn Arkö hits the Swedish jazz scene with his debut Stating The Obvious, a solid work brimming with energy, inspiration, colours and an undeniable musical force, all fueled by the man's breath-taking improvisational skills. Loyally backed throughout by musically eloquent pianist Joel Lyssarides, driving bassist Arvid Jullander and nuanced drummer Karl-Henrik Ousbäck, Arkö's team create an organic, emotional, fun and jazzy soundscape of the highest calibre; as such, the album more or less lives up to its very title by actually showcasing what is very obvious: impeccable teamwork. Alongside a few carefully chosen standards, Arkö's repertoire is largely made up of original material. Brilliantly captured inside the sound-proofed rooms of Stockholm's Kingside Studios, mixed and mastered to perfection by Otto Wellton and Pål Svenre, Stating The Obvious is in its ultimate form a sonic and musical delight from start to finish. Make sure you catch this group live on stage!


Björn Arkö, soprano and tenor saxophone

Joel Lyssarides, grand piano

Arvid Jullander, double bass

Karl-Henrik Ousbäck, drums

Recorded at Kingside Studios, Stockholm in 2017 by Otto Wellton. Mixed by Pål Svenre. Mastered by Stockholm Mastering. Produced by Björn Arkö and Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: November 3 2017.



1. Nature Boy

2. Mysterious Call

3. Haon

4. Stating The Obvious

5. Doroles

6. Om Sommaren Sköna

7. Good Spirit

8. Hotaru No Hikari


Total time: 60 mins. approx.


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