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Days In Between


Young tenor saxophonist Linus Karlsson is a fresh new exciting performer to debut on the Swedish jazz scene. This incredible collection of songs, titled Days In Between, give exquisite examples of truly refined songwriting from Karlsson's pen, which comes across as a sublime tug-of-war between Nordic and American soundscapes, sometimes explosive, sometimes brooding, constantly engaging, spiced up by Karlssons's sparkly tenor tone. His athletic, agile and forceful improvisations are graced throughout by the sensitive interplay from his team members, all young jazz virtuosos in their own right. This is a captivating and thrilling debut recording that promises a bright future for this outstanding jazz man.


Linus Karlsson, tenor sax
Peter Olsson, guitar
Jesse Emmoth, piano
Alex Littorin, bass
Natanael Salomonsson, drums

Recorded at Sunnanå Studio, May 27 and 28 2017 by Tobias Ekqvist. Mixed and mastered by Tobias Ekqvist in August 2017. Produced by Linus Karlsson. Executive production by Biim Frischenfeldt.

Official release date: April 6 2018.



1. Days In Between
2. Empty Assumption
3. Let's Face It
4. Gargoyles
5. Silence
6. Mellow Yellow
7. Transformation


Total time: 60 mins. approx.


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