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DMRCD 056-3


Funeral (single)


Opening with a sombre horror movie-styled intro, Wendy Pop's third single Funeral quickly transforms into a bright, upbeat rock song, chanting about how the presence of a loved one can avert negative thoughts and bad habits. The powerhouse rhythm section consisting of Fatboy-guitarist Hannu Kiviaho and Sator-bassist Heikki Kiviaho is back to bring the requisite rock vitamins to this relentless rocker, allowing Wendy Pop's fuzzy vocals to shine.


Wendy Pop, vocals

Martin Bäcklin, organ

Hannu Kiviaho, electric guitar
Heikki Kiviaho, electric bass
Joel Kiviaho, drums

Recorded and mixed by Daniel Bergstrand at Dugout Studios, Uppsala. Mastered by Daniel Lantz. Produced by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: May 18 2018.




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