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DMRCD 056-4


By The River (single)


Wendy Pop's fourth single By The River tells the grim story of how two sisters suffer a gruesome childhood with a misanthropic caregiver, and then retaliates as adults. However morbid in lyric content, the song's bright and catchy chorus, reinforced by glittering backing vocals, bring a tangible paradox to this bittersweet rock romp. Soaring guitars, distorted snares, meaty bass riffs and gritty organs pave the way for the garage band feel of this unyielding party starter!

Wendy Pop, vocals

Daniel Lantz, organ

Hannu Kiviaho, electric guitar

Heikki Kiviaho, electric bass

Joel Kiviaho, drums

Frida Eklund, backing vocals

Recorded by Daniel Bergstrand at Dugout Studios, Uppsala. Composed, mixed, mastered and produced by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: July 6 2018.




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