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Swedish reed player and singer Lisa Grotherus is a fresh new artist on the Swedish jazz scene whose original music explores a broad, thrilling and expressive soundscape, where the seemingly discrepant musical worlds of jazz and folk music come together as one. Interestingly, the inspiration for this exciting debut comes from spending ample time on the African continent, above all Liberia, where Grotherus, amid a seven-year hiatus from music altogether, witnessed the hardships and inequities of a post-civil-war-society struggling with recovery, which in turn became the hot topic for her to address by way of music. The enigmatic album title Dekontee is actually an African nickname given to Grotherus whilst residing in Liberia. Throughout ten elaborate compositions, Grotherus demonstrates with poignant musical imagination that she is an ardent and confident jazz soloist to reckon with in the years to come, backed by a nuanced and eclectic ensemble with a vast range of expression. 


Lisa Grotherus, clarinet/bass clarinet/vocals

Milton Öhrström, piano/philicorda

Lisa Långbacka, accordeon

Oskar Schönning, bass

Konrad Agnas, drums

Recorded and mixed at Studio Rymden by Daniel Bengtsson. Mastered by Johannes Ahlberg. Produced by Lisa Grotherus. Executive production by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: October 19 2018.



1. Prelude

2. Kajan Flyger

3. Allt Har Sin Tid

4. Interlude

5. Till Slut

6. Stari Most

7. Intro

8. Nu Och Nu

9. Jag Lever, Jag Lever!

10. Hemåt Hem


Total time: 60 mins. approx.


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