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DMRCD 058-1


Black Hole Sun


Currently residing in New Orleans, internationally acclaimed Welsh singer-songwriter Judith Owen has over the years established herself as one of our most exciting artists, boasting a sparkly, jazzy, soul-infused voice to die for, always presented in a context of exquisite musical arrangements. A prolific songwriter, Judith's 12th album,

Rediscovered, is where she instead breathes new life into other people's material, old as well as new, and from vastly discrepant genres. Ever excitingly inventive in her musical expression, Judith consistently surrounds herself with world-class musicians such as Leland Sklar, Paul Beard, George Shelby and Michael 'Maz' Maher, ensuring that her statements become and remain rare musical highlights, on stage as well as in the studio. Rediscover gems such as Drake's Hotline Bling, Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water or Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You in completely new transformations, helmed by Judith Owen's impressive vocals. The first Sweden-exclusive single from this amazing work is a glorious 5/4-take á la Dave Brubeck on Chris Cornell's Soundgarden hit Black Hole Sun, which thematically touches at depression as an emotional state.


Judith Owen, vocals/piano

Leland Sklar, bass

Paul Beard, Hammond organ/glockenspiel

George Shelby, tenor sax/baritone sax

Michael 'Maz' Maher, trumpet

Nicholas Payton, trumpet

Kevin Moehringer, trombone

Pedro Segundo, percussion

Amy Keys, backing vocals

Carmen Carter, backing vocals

Jean McClain, background vocals

Helen Gillet, cello

Gabriella Swallow, cello

Lizzie Ball, violin

Recorded and mixed by David Bianco at Dave's Room, North Hollywood. Mastered by Stephen Marcussen and Bernie Grundman. Produced by Judith Owen. Co-produced by David Bianco and Steve Lee. Executive production (Sweden) by Daniel Lantz and Frida Eklund.

Official release date: June 29 2018.



1. Black Hole Sun


Total time: 3 mins. approx.


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