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Enter Soundscape Orchestra, a fresh and invigorating Swedish cross-over jazz ensemble that takes the free-form funk vibes of Miles Davis' legendary late 60s sessions Bitches Brew and In A Silent Way and brings them with confidence into the 21st century via percolating synths, elusive swirling melodies, filtered urban beats and no-holds-barred-and-beyond jazz explorations. Their debut album Nexus, due for release on October 5, is a fruitful teamwork with the amazing concept artist Per Josephson, whose futuristic, ravishing paintings give the music a mesmerizing visual dimension. Future, past and present unite effortlessly in Soundscape Orchestra's musical confectionary, easily making you oblivious to the much-needed skills and team play required to cook them. This is music for the adventurous listener, ready for a soundscape beyond the everyday clamour.

Thomas Wingren, live electronics, percussion, programming

Adam Forkelid, keyboards, additional synths

Anders Åstrand, vibraphone

Peter Fredman, soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute

Robert Erlandsson, double bass

Calle Rasmusson, drums

Recorded by Jonas Olofsson at Kultivator Studios. Live segments recorded by Brollan Söderström, Electrosound, Mixed by Andy Pfeiler, Studio Monica. Mastered by Thomas Eberger, Stockholm Mastering. Artwork by Per Josephson. Produced by Soundscape Orchestra. Executive production by Frida Eklund.

Official release date: October 5 2018.


1. Khumbu

2. Wicked Waltz

3. Nexus

4. Floating

5. Huffle Ruff

6. Bells

7. Sneak Around

8. The End

Total time approx. 60 mins.


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