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Plays The Music Of Peter Knudsen:

Nature Spirits


Internationally acclaimed big band Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, whose 30th anniversary was celebrated previously via their album Today, presents yet another dose of high-octane big band fireworks, frontlined by the Swedish jazz elite. From time to time, the band collaborates with soloists and arrangers, and this time, they team up with jazz pianist and composer Peter Knudsen, whose original suite, Nature Spirits, tailored for the band, takes the listener on a journey through enchanted nordic forests, the stuff of fairytales and folklore, framed by jazz, blues, grooves and mysterious impressionism. Knudsen has been inspired by famous artist John Bauer's paintings of supernatural creatures and uses the immense harmonic and musical capacities of the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra to craft a highly unique, captivating and fascinating work. Recorded live in one take before a live audience, Nature Spirits becomes a rare living, surreal and mesmerizing experience that only a jazz composer with a love for the classical masters could achieve, a recording tinged by that trademark urgency, spontaneity and nerve that characterizes only the best live jazz performances!


Fredrik Norén, trumpet

Karl Olandersson, trumpet

Nils Jansson, trumpet

Magnus Broo, trumpet

Peter Dahlgren, trombone

Bertil Strandberg, trombone

Urban Wiborg, trombone

Kristoffer Siggstedt, trombone

Johan Christoffersson, alto/soprano sax, flute

Fredrik Kronkvist, alto/soprano sax, flute

Karl-Martin Almqvist, tenor/sop sax, clarinet, flute

Andreas Gidlund, tenor/soprano sax, clarinet, flute

Fredrik Lindborg, baritone, sax, bass clarinet

Daniel Tilling, piano

Christian Spering, double bass

Jukkis Uotila, drums

Recorded live at Örebro University, School of Music, Theatre and Art in September 2017 and mixed by Andrew Hallifax. Mastered by Tobias Carlsson. Produced by Peter Knudsen, Fredrik Norén and Andrew Hallifax. Executive production by Biim Frischenfeldt.

Official release date: June 7 2019.



1. Siren Of The Woods

2. Dark Creatures Of The Underground

3. Elves Dancing In The Meadow

4. The Mountain Troll


Total time: 55 mins. approx.


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