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Över Atlanten


On their second album, Över Atlanten (Across the Atlantic), Swedish folk music group StegVis presents a programme about the daunting experiences reported by people who lived amid the massive Swedish emigration to America back in the late 19th century. StegVis-singer, songwriter and leader Johan Johansson has traced the heritage of an influential Swedish reverend who managed to bring a devoted crew of religious followers to give up their home country for a daring voyage to the promised land on the opposite side of the Atlantic, and written an impressive body of dramatic songs, expressively interpreted by the group. Guitars, acoustic bass and close-miked voices, all recorded live, the sung stories of Över Atlanten capture the spontaneous intimacy of this well-rehearsed folk ensemble, as they deliver a powerful message of hope and striving for a new beginning, as topical today as it was more than a hundred years ago.


Johan Johansson, vocals/guitar

Stina Wahlund, vocals/bass

Johan Kallström, guitar/bass
Janne Gezelius, guitar/bass/slide

Recorded live by Göran Jansson at Zonex Music Studio in 2017. Mixed by Göran Jansson and mastered by Daniel Lantz. Produced by Johan Johansson. Executive production by Frida Eklund.

Official release date: June 1 2018.



1. Profeten

2. Bataljen på Stenbo Gård

3. Släpp Mig Fri

4. Släpper Mitt Tag

5. Rädd För Det Stora Blå

6. Aldrig Mer Med Mössan I Hand

7. Över Atlanten

8. Brevet

9. Ta Med Mig Hem

10. Jonsdotters Återresa

11. Stigängens Trapp


Total time: 60 mins. approx.


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