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Colombian singer Alexandra Jaime has toured the world as a professional cruise musician since her mid-teens and previously done several latin pop productions in her home country with her own band. Her new single Destino, written together with Swedish musician and producer Daniel Lantz, is a first collab with a Scandinavian and tells the story about how two souls meet and create something new together. Her sultry and crisp voice is paired with a vintage jazzy latin-pop arrangement, featuring a percolating rhythm section, a hot brass section and a soaring trumpet solo at the end.

Alexandra Jaime, vocals/percussion

Daniel Lantz, keyboards/arrangements

Jonne Bentlöv, trumpets

Jonas Isaksson, guitars

Pär Engström, electric bass

Daniel Olsson, drums/percussion

Music written by Daniel Lantz. Lyrics written by Alexandra Jaime. Recorded at Do Music Studios, Sweden, in August-September 2019 by Daniel Lantz. Produced, mixed and mastered by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: February 14 2020.


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