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DMRCD 086-1


I'm Fallin'


Young Swedish up-and-coming singer Maiah Lay debuts with I'm Fallin', a soulful uptempo pop-funk tune about fighting for your dreams, penned and produced by Beat Funktion's Daniel Lantz. Maiah Lay has previously appeared with several blues-, pop and rockbands as a featured guest, but will devote 2020 to releasing her own music with a string of singles, beginning with this one, a hard-swinging, pumping dance-floor hit, tinged with a poignant 70s and 80s feel, showcasing her unique, soft and caressing voice.

Maiah Lay, vocals

Daniel Lantz, keyboards

Jonas Isaksson, electric guitar

Pär Engström, electric bass

Daniel Olsson, drums

Ola Bothzén, percussion

Music and lyrics written by Daniel Lantz. Recorded at Do Music Studios, Sweden, in February 2020 by Daniel Lantz. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: May 8 2020.


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