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Grand Piano


Uppsala-based jazz pianist Hans Loelv continues his streak of impressive productivity by turning his full attention to his main instrument, the piano, and aptly titles the album Grand Piano. What we are treated to here is the fabulous Fazioli grand piano inside ABBA-Benny Andersson's Stockholm studio, a coveted instrument that Loelv has already acquainted himself with on his recent albums, and so became the natural musical partner for this intimate solo outing. Loelv's tasteful, balanced and evocative compositions as well as delicate phrasing and touch truly come to life on this amazing instrument, recorded by the equally amazing Roxette-producer Alar Suurna. Enjoy a creative musician's inner musical journey through different moods, upbeat jazz, solemn blues, sweet romance as well as sadness and joy and introspection, through a set of original tunes that highlight the experience and undeniable talent that only years of playing can procure.

Hans Loelv, Fazioli grand piano

Recorded at Rixmixningsverket and mixed and mastered by Alar Suurna. Executive production by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: February 12 2020.



1. Little Brother

2. Serenada

3. Song For A Lovely Wife

4. No Return

5. You

6. Ewa

7. It Was A Dream

8. Kär I Onödan

9. That Was All

10. Waltzy Fall

11. It's All Over


Total time: 60 mins. approx.


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