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Do Music Records proudly presents the second full-length album by Swedish jazz group Trilobit, consisting of concert harpist Stina Hellberg Agback, guitarist Simon Svärd and drummer Karl Jansson, a jazz trio whose unique instrumentation made a powerful impact with audiences at the release of their debut-album Brutus (DMRCD 016) in 2014. With nine fresh new tracks, this group again invites us to their thrilling world of jazzy sounds, through cleverly composed originals capped by playful improvisation, seamlessly transversing genres such as jazz, rock, classical music and psychedelia.


Stina Hellberg Agback, concert harp
Simon Svärd, guitar
Karl Jansson, drums


Recorded by Göran Stegborn in Uppsala, Sweden, in June 2015. Mixed by Göran Stegborn in July-August 2015. Mastered by Tobias Carlsson in October 2015. Cover art by Tobias Berving. Executive production by Daniel Lantz. Produced by Stina Hellberg Agback and Simon Svärd.

Official release date: March 18 2016.


1. Varsel
2. Sötnos
3. Farväl Fålhagen
4. Kolerakyrkogården
5. Sjömannen
6. Konstant Automat
7. Svart Och Guld
8. Efterklang
9. Mars Passerade


Total time: 50 mins. approx.

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