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Booking & Tour Promotion

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Hi there! My name is Ron Heinrich and I am your local Do Music Records representative in central Europe. I am very pleased to get the chance to work together with fantastic Swedish and international artists through Do Music Records.


While I was still a student of the 11th grade in school I started engaging myself in supporting and promoting jazz, soul, funk and blues music in jazz club in my hometown Ravensburg, Germany, in 2014. As Jazztime Ravensburg e.V. we organise from small club concerts with new upcoming artists to bigger events like a jazz night or the annual Trans4Jazz-Festival which hosted big names in the past. Today the organisational team has more than 25 years of experience and can definitely be seen as a professional concert organizer. I feel blessed that I have gotten the chance to gain experience, assume responsibility and learn about how concerts and a bigger events are organised. I became a part of the team that produces the program, builds up the promotion, organises the technical side as well as the concert day’s timetable. More and more I enjoyed supporting the music that I love listening to.


Since 2018 I am handling the booking for Do Music Records-signed band Beat Funktion, who had their first Germany and Austria tour in 2019. At just the age of twenty-two years I built up the tour by doing the booking, the promotion and the tour management. During this I was taught and mentored by the label's long-time professionals in these jobs.


Since the first days with the Do Music team I was able to add more talented artists to my roster of projects. For this I handpick every single musician, band or project and decide carefully if I want to take the job or not. It is part of my philosophy that I prefer a small but special roster with projects I really can take care of. Building a close relationship with my artists, the venues, festivals and media representatives is important to me. Through my work I have learned about the importance of fair conditions and a good planning so it fits for everybody that is involved: the local organiser, the band and most importantly: the audience.

My roster of talented artists from the Do Music Records catalogue...
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