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With our vast experience working with many types of different artists, music styles and contexts, we can offer our clients a wide range of services connected to a recording project, everything from a whole album production to just a single part of a production - it all depends on what you need.


We work with businesses as well as private individuals. Please contact us to describe your needs and we will provide you with details and pricing. 

Our services:




We can help you write and arrange original music in most genres, depending on your needs and wishes.


Do you need live musicians for your project? We have access to all types of musicians well versed in various types of music styles, to serve you live onstage or in the studio.


We can record your project multi-channel, in the studio or live, and deliver the recorded channels to you.


We can mix your recorded channels to a professional sounding track. Additionally, we can give your track the final polish by mastering it for vinyl, CD or any other purpose, to make it sound as good as possible in a wide range of situations.


We can create original graphic design for you, for purposes such as logotypes, posters, CD or vinyl artwork, booklets and t-shirts, and deliver as print-ready files. This also includes web design or designing graphic files for the web.


We can produce professional photographs of your project for any purposes, such as promo pictures, album artwork or posters. We can also produce and edit video of any kind for your project, such as music videos, live concert videos, documentaries and promo videos.


We can provide aid in working with social media platforms to promote your project before, during or after its completion. We can also connect you with professional PR agents who help to promote your project.


For select clients, we can offer services as managers or booking agents, to represent and guide you as an artist and book live shows and tours.

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